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Projektträger Karlsruhe Wassertechnologie und Entsorgung (PTKA-WTE)
Leitung: Dr. M. Kautt

Water Technology and Waste Management Division


On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe is supervising and funding research and development projects. Basis for the funding are the BMBF-Framework Program "Forschung für die Nachhaltigkeit (FONA)", the BMBF-Research Concepts "Disposal of Hazardous Waste in Deep Geological Formations" and "Decommissioning and Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities".


R&D projects in the field of highly radioactive waste disposal are funded on the basis of the BMWi-Research Concept "Schwerpunkte zukünftiger FuE-Arbeiten bei der Endlagerung radioaktiver Abfälle (2007-2010)".

PTKA-WTE operates as German National Contact Point within the 7th EU Research Framework Program in the thematic area "6.1. Environmental (incl. climate change) – water management, water, soil, wastemanagement, water technologies", and within the
Specific Program EURATOM for Nuclear Research and Training Activities in the thematic area "Management of radioactive waste".


An important part of PTKA-WTE’s activities is the coordination of international scientific-technical cooperation in the fields of water technology and radioactive waste management.